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Welcome to my strategy page! This page contains Scrabble strategy tips for every level, helping you to improve your game regardless of your Scrabble skill.  This page includes videos, articles, tips, tactics, and illustrations which will help you improve at Scrabble strategy. Many of these pages and articles examine many of the topics discussed in my Scrabble books: sometimes in even more detail than the books themselves! Here, Scrabble strategy is not a preference: it’s a deduction.


Scrabble Tips Video
Basic-Scrabble Words
The Rules of Scrabble
Scrabble FAQ
Beginner Tips!
Word Lists
Learn the rules!

If you are a relatively new Scrabble player, please check out these pages! This page includes the tips and strategy that you need to play Scrabble at a basic, fundamental level that will allow you to play and beat your friends and family! If your goal is to learn how to win at Scrabble as quickly as possible, these tips and articles will enable you to improve your Scrabble game fast!

Simple Strategies

Avoid Staircases
Cure Vowelitis
Bingo Basics
Avoiding Staircases
Problem Solving
Board Basics
Missing the Point:
When to Sacrifice Points in Scrabble
Learning the Letters: The Blank
Learning the Letters: The Q
Learning the Letters: The S
Learning the Letters: The X
Scrabble Tips: A one page guide
5 Common Strategy Mistakes

These articles serve as an introduction into high-level Scrabble strategy, as covered in my book Breaking the Game. In these articles, we provide tips on how to solve common strategic challenges in Scrabble, as well as provide detailed information about specific Scrabble tiles and advice on improving your bingo and board skills. If you want to win at Scrabble, you will need to learn and master these Scrabble tips, which describe and illustrate the core mechanics involved in Scrabble strategy!

Tournament Tactics

Managing Spread
Annotated Games
Annotated Games
Clock ManagementClock Management
Scrabble Strategy MindThe Scrabble Mindset

10 Common Tournament Mistakes

5 Ways to Elevate your Game
These concepts illustrate some of the strategic skills necessary for top level tournament Scrabble play!  These articles contain tips that delve into tournament-specific Scrabble skills. If your goal is compete and win when attending Scrabble tournaments, learning these tournament tactics are essential!

Advanced Strategy

Scrabble Strategy Leaves
Bingo Lines
Scrabble Strategy Leaves
Leave Adjustment

Scrabble Strategy Leaves
Entropy Strategy
The Basics of Entropy
Entropy Strategy
Entropy & Advanced Concepts
Entropy Strategy
Entropy vs. Valuation

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.44.54 PM
She's got the Z
by Jackson Smylie
Board Dynamics Video


Written for experts, these articles discuss advanced Scrabble tactics and strategies, including many of the concepts introduced or explained in my advanced Scrabble strategy book for tournament players (entitled Words of Wisdom). These articles contain tips and techniques that illustrate the depths and intricacies of championship level Scrabble strategy.

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