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Breaking the Game explores Scrabble strategy, providing tips to Scrabble players on any level. This site is devoted to the strategy of Scrabble, providing you with tips and tactics to help players win at Scrabble.  Whether you’re a Scrabble newcomer who just wants basic tips, a Scrabble aficionado who wants to learn the intricacies of Scrabble strategy, looking for practice with our Scrabble puzzles, or interested about the world of tournament Scrabble, this site shows the various tactics used by the best players in the world and gives you the tools to master Scrabble strategy. Here, the goal isn’t just to have fun. The goal is to win. This site isn’t just about playing Scrabble: it’s about breaking the game.

This site covers Scrabble using both the OWL (American) lexicon and the CSW (World) lexicon. In addition, there is a Words with Friends section under the lexicon tab on the right side of the menu.


Scrabble Strategy Updates

  • Scrabble Documentary: Create video material showing interesting footage of tournament Scrabble.  This is a long term project (won’t be done any time soon unfortunately)
  • Additional Game Analysis: California Open Finals, World Championship Final, etc.
  • Words with Friends Videos


Scrabble Media

scrabblestrategyAdded section on Scrabble Tips
Guest article by Jackson Smylie
Reorganized into players of various levels
Separated into different lexica
Strategy BlogAdded posts on different Scrabble positions
100 Ridiculous Scrabble Words
100 Phoney words that should be words
Strategy VideosStarting video series on Scrabble University
Created additional annotated game with Matt Canik
PuzzlesReformatted Puzzles into smaller chunks (~5 per page)
Separated Puzzles into Competitive and Tournament Groups
Added more puzzles