Annotated Games

Welcome to my Annotated Games page! This page displays some of the most groundbreaking Scrabble games ever played alongside insightful commentary. This page allows new players to experience championship Scrabble play firsthand. Follow along, ask yourself what you’d play, and compare yourself with the best players in the world!



The first video features dual commentary between myself and another highly rated expert, Matt Canik. Both Matt and I discuss our plays and logic for our games. The second video is a video between myself and Nigel Richards, largely considered to be the best player in the world. Here, I discuss my decision making process turn by turn, giving insight into various moves I made throughout the game.
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Notable Games (links to Cross-tables):
Highest scoring game in Scrabble history

11 Bingo Game 
High Scoring Game

Kenji vs. Quackle
Results and Statistics of 850 games vs. Quackle

Instructional Games:

I’ve also created some instructional games to help proficient Scrabble players practice advanced skills. These games are made mostly for intermediate and advanced players to follow along and improve their skills.

Tile Equity
Playing against a Hare
Playing against a Tortoise
Scrabble Skills Game #1
Scrabble Skills Game #2