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Welcome to my strategy page! This page includes articles about Scrabble strategy at all levels, helping you improve your game regardless of your Scrabble skill.  These articles expound upon material previously discussed in my Scrabble books.  Here, Scrabble strategy is not a preference: it’s a deduction.

Breaking the Basics

Scrabble Tips Video
Basic-Scrabble Words
The Rules of Scrabble
Scrabble FAQ
Beginner Tips!
Word Lists
Learn the rules!

If you are a relatively new Scrabble player, please check out these pages, which will give you a great introduction to Scrabble strategy and provide some tips to improve your game fast!

Simple Strategies

Avoid Staircases
Sick of vowels?
How to find a bonus!
Don't take the stairs
Basic Board Dynamics
Missing the Point:
When to Sacrifice Points in Scrabble
Learning the Letters: The X
Also: Learning the Letters: The Q
Learning the Letters: The Blank
5 Common Strategy Mistakes
Learning the Letters: The S
Tournament Tactics

Managing Spread
Scrabble Strategy MindThe Scrabble Mindset
Computer Strategy  What is Simulation?

10 Common Tournament Mistakes

5 Ways to Elevate your Game
WESPA  Analysis of 2017 WESPA championship
These concepts illustrate some of the skills necessary for tournament play!
Scrabble Tournament Strategy

Bonus Lines
Bonus Lines
Scrabble Strategy Leaves
Leave Adjustment

Scrabble Strategy Leaves
Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.44.54 PM
Guest Article: Positive Leave Inference
Jackson Smylie discusses positive leave inference

Board Dynamics Video

Written for experts, these articles cover some of the more advanced theories and topics within Scrabble, including many of the concepts introduced or explained in my books Word and Scrabble Solved. It provides technical information about some of the complex aspects of Scrabble strategy.

UK Nationals Final

2016 Worlds Final

Causeway Game 38

WESPAC Finals Game 4

Game analysis: Nigel vs. Brett

Collins game illustrating strategy

Advanced Strategy

Aerolith    Aerolith is a fun, innovative game that helps players improve at the word element of Scrabble! Play now!

Quackle   Quackle is the best Scrabble computer program on the market, complete with a strong opponent, simulation, inference, and other useful features!