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While articles can improve your Scrabble strategy, nothing beats having a step-by-step tutorial dedicated to helping you improve at Scrabble.  When it comes to diving into the technical aspects of Scrabble strategy, nothing beats a good Scrabble book.

I’ve spent a huge amount of time and effort developing some Scrabble books to improve your game.  Now, you might be asking yourself: “Okay, but which book is for me?”  Well, I’m glad you asked!  Here’s a quick rundown of the books that I’ve been edited and written:


The Scrabble Players Handbook

This is a free compilation with chapters from many of the world’s top players, including myself.  It contains articles about basic strategy, resources, programs, how to find other Scrabble players, and advice on how to prepare for your first tournament.  While this book is a great overview of tournament Scrabble in a nutshell, it’s not nearly as detailed, thorough, or systematic as the other books below.

To check out the Scrabble Players Handbook and download your free copy, please click the link here.


This book covers the fundamentals of Scrabble in detail, going through the strategic elements needed for Scrabble success.  Word illustrates the elements of Scrabble that matter: illustrating the common techniques and tactics you’ll need to employ if you want to consistently win at Scrabble.  This book is perfect for School Scrabblers, casual players, or players aspiring to reach the top division of their respective Scrabble scenes.

Word is available at here.

For more information, including a free chapter, click on the Word page here.

Scrabble Solved

This book covers the nuances and intricacies of Scrabble: techniques that are used by the very best players of the world.  Many of these techniques are quite complex, and should only be applied once you’ve already mastered the fundamentals of Scrabble.  When mastered, these techniques can be lethal and absolutely decimate your opponents, as they allow you to strategically outmaneuver all but the best players in the world.

Scrabble Solved is available as an online copy by sending me an email using the address on the Scrabble Solved page. For more information, including a free chapter, click on the Scrabble solved page here.


For inquiries on my books, feel free to send me a line at kenjicmatsumoto at gmail.