Scrabble Solved


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Note: This page uses the International dictionary. For players in the United States or Canada, please visit this page.

Scrabble has a reputation: a casual game to be played with friends and family. It is perceived as a game of word-finding, vocabulary, and social interaction. And while these are important elements of Scrabble, there is so much more. Scrabble also is a strategic game, requiring clever play-finding and advanced tactics. Whether it’s using board dynamics, deciphering your opponent’s rack, or maintaining a lead, a lot of strategic thought goes into top level Scrabble play.

Scrabble Solved is the first book that analyzes advanced Scrabble play. It explains a myriad of Scrabble topics at an advanced level, in a way that anyone can understand. Whether you want to be a top player or you just want to understand Scrabble’s complexities, this is the book for you! This book reveals Scrabble secrets hidden from the playing public, until now. This is Scrabble analyzed in a way that you have never dreamed. This is Scrabble at the highest level. This is Scrabble Solved.



For those of you who want a taste, I have provided a Table of Contents as well as the first page to each chapter and a few sample pages for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!



“Kenji has helped me become one of the top players in the country, using many of the techniques found in this book”
— Noah Walton, top 10 player in the US


“This book… reveals many of the techniques used by top players to a widescale audience”
— Dave Wiegand, #1 rated player in the US


“What I personally love (about Words of Wisdom) is that it’s not just “this is how you play SCRABBLE®”, but rather, “this is how you approach each game, and think about each individual position.”
–– Conrad Bassett-Bouchard, currently holds a top 5 WESPA rating


            Many people within the community are skeptical of anyone who tries to monetize anything skeptically, especially from the outside looking in. Given the history of certain notable players and corporate entities who have tried to make money from the community, I totally understand this notion.

Because of this, I’ve decided to outline how the money that you pay for each book will be allocated. Many of these causes and people are essential to the way that Scrabble is played in today’s modern era, and are widely underappreciated by the community at large.

I’d like to note that my price point is fixed for a few reasons: to preserve fairness to those in the US who have bought my book, to prove to publishers that a Scrabble book can clear at this price point (it has to) and to be comparable to other books on the market.


Me: (30%): This book (in all its versions) has taken well over 1000 hours to create (I’m sadly not exaggerating), as well as over $1000 to produce all of these versions, due to printing, editing, shipping, manufacturing, etc. as well as additional costs. While I’ve made some of this back from TWL sales, I’d like to break even: I don’t think that’s too much to ask.  


Video and Website creation: (20%): This will go to maintaining the website, stream upgrades, creating new videos, and upgrading some of my equipment. Most of the next year for me will be upgrading and focusing on better video content. I’ll also likely need to pay for a video editor, especially for a major video project I have planned for the community.


Cesar del Solar (15%): Many people are unaware of the many things that Cesar does for the Scrabble community beyond Aerolith. Cesar’s developed Aerobot, the primary Twitch bot for streaming. He’s responsible for updates in Quackle, creating increased functionality (such as a heat map), looking into updating ISC, creating other apps and functionality, and is responsible for making sure my website doesn’t crash.


Quackle (10%): Without this program, my book would be nearly impossible, as this program allows me to check my positions consistently and edit them from draft to draft. Quackle has also helped me improve my game immensely and quantify numerous metrics that would otherwise remain a mystery.

Cross-tables (10%): The home of any and all annotated games, records, and statistics which enable most historical statistical analysis to occur.

Other content creators (15%): These will be split among other content creators, either to use their footage, or to compensate for content that I feel has never been compensated for from various Scrabble organizations. Feel free to email or private message me about this: it will be used at my discretion, but it will NOT go to me.

Other books:

Word is our flagship book, and is a prequel to Words of Wisdom. Whether you’re a Scrabble novice or you’ve been playing for decades, Breaking the Game teaches the fundamentals of Scrabble at a very high level, yet in a simple way that any player can understand.

Beyond Words is my book on the popular app Words with Friends. It is the most comprehensive book on Words with Friends ever written.