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Welcome to the Tournament Scrabble Community page. Here we provide basic information for new tournament players as well as information for obtaining Scrabble equipment and links to other important sites within the competitive Scrabble community. Enjoy!



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Aerolith    Aerolith is a fun, innovative game that helps players improve at the word element of Scrabble! Play now!
XT   Cross-tables is the place to go to find tournaments in your area and view statistics and histories of tournament players from around the world. The authoritative source in tournament Scrabble statistics!
NASPA   Want to play tournaments? NASPA is the predominant organization to play, socialize, and compete at Scrabble! Sign up today!
Quackle   Quackle is the best Scrabble computer program on the market, complete with a strong opponent, simulation, inference, and other useful features!
   Scrabble TV Live brings you an intimate look at the best players in the world at Scrabble tournaments across the country, bringing a tournament Scrabble experience like no other!
If you’re looking for an online anagram solver to find words quickly, check out Word Finder!



Mack Meller’s website The webpage of top Scrabble player, Mack Meller

Conrad Bassett-Bouchard’s website The webpage of former Scrabble National Champion, Conrad Bassett-Bouchard

Ryan Fischer’s website The webpage of Scrabble tournament organizer, Ryan Fischer


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