Play Scrabble!

You might be wondering: so where can I play Scrabble? We got you covered.

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ISCFor online Scrabble, the recommended place to play is the Internet Scrabble Club. ISC is home to many of the best Scrabble players in the world. Although it’s not the most graphically advanced website, it’s the preferred place to play and meet top Scrabble players. Visit the Internet Scrabble Club today!
PogoPogo has more recreational players and provides a better graphical experience than ISC. While the quality of play is lower, the friendlier interface might be helpful to computer neophytes and younger players just starting to get into Scrabble. Visit Pogo to join in the fun!
WWFThe most popular Scrabble sites are not Scrabble sites, but apps. Words with Friends is extremely similar to Scrabble, allowing you to play at your own leisure and connecting you to millions of potential players all around the world! Download words with friends here!
EAFacebook is also another way you can play Scrabble! Using EA's app, you can play with your facebook friends! EA also has other features, including an interview with yours truly! Visit EA's facebook page to download the facebook app today!

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Nothing fulfills the urge to play Scrabble quite as much as face-to-face action live! Sometimes online just isn’t good enough! Below is a map showing places in your local area where you can find other Scrabble players! This map is color coded representing the affiliations (or lack thereof) of each Scrabble club. If you don’t see one near you, start one yourself, and I’ll be glad to put it on my map!

If you’d like to add your local Scrabble club to the database, please send me an email at kenjicmatsumoto@gmail.