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Kenji Matsumoto (Head content producer, Lead Author) is a top 5 ranked Scrabble player, and finished in the top 5 of the last 3 National Scrabble Championships he entered. He is highly regarded as one of the best Scrabble strategists in the world, and is the author of Breaking the Game, Words of Wisdom, and Beyond Words. He also writes and creates many of the articles and video of the website. He graduated from Hampshire College specializing in the fields of game and decision theory. He also enjoys cooking, philosophy, poker, and anything related to game theory. He can be contacted at KenjiCMatsumoto@gmail.com.


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Cesar Del Solar (Web Consultant) has been ranked in the top 20 Scrabble players in the US for much of the last three years. He started playing Scrabble online while majoring in electrical engineering at Caltech, and now works as the CTO data visualization startup Leftronic. In his spare time he likes coding — he created Aerolith (and is constantly refining it!), playing the ukulele and guitar, and running. You can contact him at delsolar at gmail.com.