Fun Puzzles

Welcome to a new type of puzzle!  These puzzles are centralized around a specific theme with common word solutions, with clues both on the board and in the title! These puzzles mix Scrabble word finding skill and definition-based puzzle finding, making it an ideal word puzzle that any word lover will appreciate!

These puzzles are the perfect introductory puzzles for Scrabble newbies, as they resemble other types of clue-based puzzles such the Daily Jumble.  Give it a try!

Become a Scrabble Superstar!

Ready… Set… Go!

The Nature of Scrabble

Become the Queen of Scrabble!

Where should I puzzle?

On the Hunt

A Quick Bite

A Magic Puzzle

Welcome to the show!

TV Puzzle for Kids

Let’s Play!

Scrabble is for Nerds

Go For It!

Sweet Puzzle

A Puzzle from the Heavens

No Small Feat