Themed Puzzles

Welcome to a new type of puzzle! These puzzles mix Scrabble word finding with definition-based puzzle finding, making it accessible to all word lovers!

If you need a bit of help, clues related to the solution can be found both on the board and in the title. These puzzles are made for Scrabble newbies, to be placed alongside other puzzles such the Daily Jumble. Give it a try!

Puzzles 1-9: (easier)

Take a Ride
Have Fun!
Looking Good
Expensive Puzzle
Be Careful!
Don’t be a Tool!
Back in the Day
Fashion Accessory?

Puzzles 10-20: (more challenging)

Cover your Ace
They’re Cute!
Those were the Days…
Goodie Basket
The School of Hard Knocks
Let me tell you…
Late Night Black and White
This will give you Nightmares
Puzzle Adventure