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This page shows you a list of various article series available on Breaking the Game. It explores various topics of Scrabble strategy in depth, investigating topics and themes that can help players improve at Scrabble.


Controlling Chaos
This series takes a look behind the strategy and applications of entropy. What is entropy? What are the foundations behind entropy? How do you make decisions about entropy? How does entropy relate to game score and unique situations such as fishing and setups? This series has the answers!
No Tile Left Behind:
Comparing Points and Leave
Beyond points, leave is one of the most important metrics in Scrabble. While computer analysis has shown to be a useful tool to quantify leaves, we don't have access to computers during games. This series describes useful techniques to quantify and adjust leaves based on synergy, vowel-consonant ratio, duplication, and how to adjust these values based on position.
Computer Strategy Breaking the Computer
This series explains how computers can help your Scrabble play. It explains it detail how simulations work, when they should (and shouldn't) be applied, as well as other computers tools that improve your game! This series uses the computer program Quackle: a fantastic program that can be found here!
StarPlaysStar Plays
Learn from the best! This series looks back at past strategic plays by top players. This series illustrates some of the most interesting plays of all time and examines the thoughts behind those spectacular plays.
Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.44.54 PMGuest Articles
Guest articles from other top Scrabble players! Learn from other top players around North America, from players with different perspectives, but proven results!


Scrabble Strategy

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