Scrabble Pre-endgame Puzzles

If there is one type of position that personifies all of Scrabble, it is the preendgame.  It is a science.  It is an art.  It requires various tactical skills, including tile tracking, leave adjustment, leave inference, figuring out what you have, what your opponent could have, fishing, and setups.

These puzzles are primarily for expert level players, as they require excellent word knowledge and board vision, not just pertaining to the seven tiles in your rack, but also to what your opponent might have, what your opponent might draw, and what you might draw on a future turn.

Here are 50 preendgame puzzles for your viewing pleasure:

Preendgames 1-5
Preendgames 6-10
Preendgames 11-15
Preendgames 16-20
Preendgames 21-25
Preendgames 26-30
Preendgames 31-35
Preendgames 36-40
Preendgames 41-45
Preendgames 46-51