CSW Endgames

In chess and go, endgame puzzles and practice are common.  Entire books have been written solely on the endgames of these strategy games, and the endgame is heralded as an important measure of strategic excellence.Unfortunately, little focus is placed on Scrabble endgames.  Yet Scrabble games still complain a ton of complexity, forcing players to focus on multiple themes such as traps, setups, blocking, going out-in two, and reaction to your opponent’s counterplays.  Many games of Scrabble come down to executing in the endgame, as every single point can make a difference, especially in close games.  Additionally, Scrabble endgames require a high degree of technique and precision.  Finding the best out in two, setup, blocking play, and best options for your opponent requires a high degree of skill in many different facets in Scrabble.

Endgames require a strong word knowledge, and are not for beginners.  They require an ability to find both your best plays and your opponent’s best plays, as well as being able to look ahead  until the end of the game.  For more information on how to play endgames optimally, please check out my books in the tab written above.

I have created many endgame positions for your puzzle pleasure.  These puzzles get progressively more difficult as time progresses, and involve various types of endgames that you’ll need to become an endgame master:

Endgame #1-5
Endgame #6-10
Endgame #11-15
Endgame #16-22