Scrabble Variants

Here are some commonly played variants of Scrabble:



Anagrams is a word-finding game using two or more sets of Scrabble tiles.  In anagrams, you can do either two things: Grab a 7+ letter word using the pool of tiles in the middle, or steal an already existing word using the tiles remaining in the pool.

For example, if EHIMORSVZ is in the pool, someone could form the word HEROISM.  The pool would then become VZ.  If the next tile are I and P, someone could steal HEROISM with IMPOVERISH, leaving a Z in the pool.

With the blanks, you can either form a 9+ letter word in the pool, or steal but also using at least 2 other tiles in the pool.  Thus, to steal a 7 letter word using a blank, the steal must be at least 10 letters long.




Clabbers is Scrabble with one basic rule change: any word that is an anagram of a valid word is also playable!  For example, not only is the word FUN valid, but so is FNU, UFN, UNF, NFU, and NUF!  This allows for many more overlaps, extensions, bingos, and significantly higher scores as you get to play long words with ease and show off your word-finding ability!




Rather than a competitive game, Phoneyz is a somewhat cooperative game where the objective is to play the raunchiest or most hilarious “words” imaginable that you can find. (Phoneyz is generally not a competitive game: dictionaries are not used.) An additional rule is that any blank on the board can be replaced by the letter it is designated for, allowing for an infinite number of turns where blanks can be used in one’s rack.

Players can also add strip variants or other variants to this game, adding instructions (i.e. take off a piece of clothing whenever someone plays anything alluding to stripping)


Strip Scrabble



  1. Each player starts with only 6 articles of clothing of their choice. (One game of Scrabble would be about 6 articles of clothing. Plan accordingly: multiple games are optional!)
  2. Phoneyz lexicon preferred (no dictionary), playful words desired
  3. For every 100 points, the opposing player strips.
  4. Each person must take off a piece of clothing when opposing player plays a word below. Words can only be added once the game starts. Once a word is played, it cannot be used again.
  5. The winner of the game gets one request of the loser.
  6. Feel free to add your own words, such as player’s names, pet names, etc.


Word List:




  1. Plan on two quick games: 1 minute per turn maximum (use Iphone or timer). (Each game should take less than a half hour)
  2. Plan for ~8 articles of clothing per person.
  3. Word validity is decided via consensus!

Stripping Conditions:

  1. Any bingo allows the player to pick two people to strip.
  2. Players are force to strip if the player before AND after them both outscore them.  In the case of a tie score, BOTH players have to strip.
  3. For every 100 points scored, that player can choose one other player to strip.
  4. Feel free to add your own words, such as player’s names, pet terms, etc. as well as keywords that act as bingos (forcing another player to strip)



Player 1 scores 28 points                            Player 2 scores 20 points

Player 3 scores 24 points (P2 strips)            Player 4 bingos (chooses P1 to strip)