Theme Puzzles

Welcome to a new type of puzzle! These puzzles mix Scrabble word finding with definition-based puzzle finding, making it accessible to all word lovers!

If you need a bit of help, clues related to the solution can be found both on the board and in the title. These puzzles are made for Scrabble newbies, to be placed alongside other puzzles such the Daily Jumble. Give it a try!

Puzzles 1-10:

Forever Puzzle
A Place for Kids
Unidentified Flying Object?
Hanging by a Thread
Of course!
Style Points
The Best Words
The Sound of Puzzle
This Puzzle Looks Good
Precious Puzzle

Puzzles 11-20:

A Monumental Challenge
A Bit of Trouble
Looking Nice
Take a Look!
This Puzzle Stands Out
This Means War!
What Puzzles are Made of
This Puzzle needs a Fix
Bottom of the Barrel
No Clue

Puzzles 21-27:

Play the Game
A Personal Crusade
For Old Time’s Sake
Let Your Troubles Float Away
What an Effort!
The Gift of Puzzles