Fill in the Blank #5

One of the most interesting yet challenging part of Scrabble comes when you have two blanks on your rack. While having two blanks is certainly a huge advantage, figuring out how to maximize the use of those two blanks is extremely challenging.

The first step, just like with one blank, is to solve potential problems by looking for imbalances and synergies that can help you play a bingo.

Example 1:


Here, you are looking for potential synergies. Once you notice the A and G, you might think of making one of the blanks an E, leading you to potentially find the word PACKAGE in your rack.


Example 2:




Here, you need vowels, as you have 5 consonants and a blank. The most promising vowels are the O (for CON) and the I (for ICS). By using these combinations, you may be able to find the word PICNICS.


The elusive TWS-TWS play

One of the cool things about having two blanks is that it makes TWS-TWS plays significantly more likely.



Splitting up the blanks




Waiting for a better bingo line