Words with Friends FAQ

Question: Where do I download Words with Friends?

Answer: Words with Friends can be downloaded here.


Question: What is the difference between Words with Friends and Scrabble?

Answer: While similar, Words with Friends and Scrabble do have some key differences.  Besides the obvious (WWF is mobile), Words with Friends has different tile values, a slightly different tile distribution, and a different dictionary.  But the most significant difference is the board: WWF has a radically different board shape which makes it extremely different from Scrabble.


Question: What are these funky words?

Answer: English is a rich language spanning the globe, containing many dialects.  In addition, there are many obscure foods, chemicals, plants, etc. that are not common to the everyday person.  In most cases, once seeing the definition, words become much more intuitive.


Question: Why isn’t ______ a word?

Answer: There are some words that seemingly should be acceptable but unfortunately aren’t.  Perhaps the word is capitalized (Gouda*), or it just isn’t quite common enough to be accepted in the English vernacular (hola*).  Perhaps the word is too new (twerk*).

Dictionary creators have an impossible task, between including all of the intuitive words everyone knows while not being too inclusive and adding every obscure concept into the dictionary.  Sadly, the dictionary will never be perfect.


Question: What dictionary is being used in Words with Friends?

Answer: Words with Friends uses the ENABLE (Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon) dictionary.


Question: Is there a tournament scene for Words with Friends?

Answer: Unfortunately, not yet.  Zynga considered offering a major WWF tournament in 2014, but it fell through.  WWF tournaments is especially difficult since the game is largely an online game, but online there is no way to stop cheating, making fair competition extremely difficult.